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Online MA Diploma: I-O Psychology

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated any of my blogs. Not because I’ve run out of advice, heaven forbid. I’ve just sort of channelled my pedantic nature into creating content for an online course that I’m piloting this summer. It’s part of an online MA diploma certificate program...
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eCampusOntario Grant

Greg A. Chung-Yan, PhD eCampusOntario Online Program Development Grant TITLE: Graduate Certificate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology PARTNERS: Lead Institution University of Windsor GRANT: $247,273.00 PROJECT: New Program Design Graduate Certificate in Industrial and Organisational Psychology is a new online program proposed at the University of Windsor to provide advanced knowledge...
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Refresh for 2017

It’s been awhile since I made an update. I was consumed with the department headship and being all meta about my work performance. Now that most of my students have left to go on to successful careers, time for a reboot, starting with a website refresh (ob-hr.com/gcy). I’ve added advice...
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