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Online MA Diploma: I-O Psychology

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated any of my blogs. Not because I’ve run out of advice, heaven forbid. I’ve just sort of channelled my pedantic nature into creating content for an online course that I’m piloting this summer. It’s part of an online MA diploma certificate program...
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Students and professors differ in how they prefer to communicate with other people. One of my grad students–during her practicum–conducted a survey and found that if there was an emergency on campus, most students would prefer to receive an alert by text; most professors would prefer an alert...
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Grad School: Letters of Recommendation

You generally need at least 2 academic recommendation letters for your graduate school application. That means letters, not just from professors, but professors who are familiar with your academic work. ‘A’ students can generally find a letter writer among the professors with whom they’ve taken classes. But if...
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