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Two Roads to I/O Stardom

How to get ahead in academia

How to Get Ahead in Academia: 12 Easy Steps to I-O Stardom

Robert P. Tett & Kevin E. Fox
University of Tulsa

Rising to the top of one’s field is relished by few and envied by most. For many of those fortunate enough to get there, success is a long and tortuous expedition pocked by setbacks, frustration, and hard work. They survive that journey, bearing the scars of countless battles with reviewers, editors, and disgruntled, often aggressive, dissenters. They reach stardom as shells of their former, idealistic selves, barely able to enjoy their enriched status above the followers on which their tainted self-esteem so precariously depends. A question worth posing, we suggest, is: Who needsĀ that?


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