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I’m not a narcissist, even though it seems like I am

 I take a lot of photos of myself, not out of self-love, but because I’d prefer to control what shows up on Google Images rather than leaving it up to social media feeds and friends with poor judgement. What would you prefer your boss or potential employer to see?: Someone who appears to hold himself in too-high regard, or a stoner frat boy who can improvise a bong? It is my theory that even though you can’t erase things from the Internet, you can bog it down with so much fabricated content that your personal misadventures get relegated to page 22 of a Google search result.

But in terms of this picture, which probably seems more self-indulgent than most, was made for reasons other than puffed-up vanity.

A couple of years ago my basement flooded because my pipes froze and I’m absent-minded (But, come on. This is Windsor, located south of the US border. Who could predict?). After clearing out my bookshelves, I was left with a big empty space waiting for repairs. What else was there to do but set up a photo studio with a green-screen backdrop? (If you’re an amateur photographer, have a lot of unused equipment from Cowboy Studio, and know how to Photoshop, you’ll understand).

Then I started taking pictures of myself every day for 6 months.

My niece has autism and I don’t see her very often. I made the picture to give to her. I also just read the excellent photo collection of Caught in the Act: Actors Acting, by Howard Schatz, Beverly J. Ornstein, and Owen Edwards. And finally, I do, in fact, wear a suit every day. So I wasn’t wasting time playing dress-up every morning.

It is only by sheer coincidence that the picture has the same dimensions as a Facebook cover photo.

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