Two Roads to I/O Stardom

How to get ahead in academia How to Get Ahead in Academia: 12 Easy Steps to I-O Stardom Robert P. Tett & Kevin E. Fox University of Tulsa Rising to the top of one’s field is relished by few and envied by most. For many of those fortunate...
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My graduate supervisor is hindering my job search

STUDENT QUESTION I recently completed a graduate program at McGill University. But even after graduation, my supervisor expects me to work on that project, without any stipend or salary. But this is not the only problem. I have been rejected by potential employers four times because he wrote...
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Students and professors differ in how they prefer to communicate with other people. One of my grad students–during her practicum–conducted a survey and found that if there was an emergency on campus, most students would prefer to receive an alert by text; most professors would prefer an alert...
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Grad School: Letters of Recommendation

You generally need at least 2 academic recommendation letters for your graduate school application. That means letters, not just from professors, but professors who are familiar with your academic work. ‘A’ students can generally find a letter writer among the professors with whom they’ve taken classes. But if...
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